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Welcome to the Stone Foliage Web Site.

From the Bristol Hills, Stone Foliage creations are a unique blend of natural materials brought to life through the hand painted artistry of Kathleen Sullivan. Each creation is one of a kind, cast from a leaf of a locally found species, and as unique as a snowflake.

The base that holds your leaf has been selectively gathered from a beach or park in the surrounding region.

Finished in a matte, satin, or gloss tone and coated with a water repellant sealant, your leaf may be displayed indoors as a work of art or even used as a bird bath or feeder in your garden setting.

Please take a few moments and visit our Gallery of offerings currently  available. On the Calendar page you will find photos of our recent shows and a schedule of the upcoming shows we will be attending.

We have tried to keep our site simple. There are enough complicated tasks in today’s world!

Thanks for visiting! and we look forward to serving you!

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